Everything You Need To Change Your Car’s Oil This Weekend

If you're looking to get started working on your car, but have never done any serious automotive work, then you might not be ready to start with something such as rebuilding a transmission or replacing an alternator. However, changing your car's oil is a great way to start learning about your car and working on it. It's something that needs to be done on a semi-regularly basis, so you should learn how to do it anyways and save yourself the cost of bringing the car in to a shop. Read More 

When The Valves In Your Car Cannot Be Reached: How Custom Valves Can Help

There are many cars and trucks on the market with valves in them that are difficult to reach. These valves often require special tools with extension arms to reach them when they need to be opened or released. That means that your mechanic may charge you extra because he or she has to either take apart your vehicle's engine or buy and use specialty tools. Instead, you could bypass these issues with custom valves that did not originally come with your vehicle. Read More 

Slow Engine Turn Over In A Car: What You Should Know

Does it take a while for the engine to turn over when you turn the key in the ignition? The problem can be directly related to the engine itself, but it can also be signs of a deeper problem: your starter motor needs serious repairs. Find out in this article what causes an engine to not turn over efficiently, as well as what a starter motor costs to repair if it is needed. Read More