When The Valves In Your Car Cannot Be Reached: How Custom Valves Can Help

There are many cars and trucks on the market with valves in them that are difficult to reach. These valves often require special tools with extension arms to reach them when they need to be opened or released. That means that your mechanic may charge you extra because he or she has to either take apart your vehicle's engine or buy and use specialty tools. Instead, you could bypass these issues with custom valves that did not originally come with your vehicle. Here is how.

Rigid Custom Valves

Rigid custom valves are those that can add several inches to the original valve. The auto parts company that creates these valves for you can take measurements of the length of valve you need and the spare room around the area where a particular value needs to go. Then the valve is made to fit over the connection where the original valve currently fits and sits. All your mechanic has to do then is remove the old valve and install the new custom valve in its place.

Flexible Custom Valves

When your vehicle does not have the space needed for a rigid valve, then you need a flexible valve. Springy material is used in place of rigid metals or other less flexible materials. This allows the flow of fluids in your vehicle to still travel through the valve and still get to an exit point that you or your mechanic can reach. A prime example of this type of valve is one that connects to the drains needed to empty your engine of dirty, used oil, but the valves themselves are unreachable, even when the car is parked over the top of an oil pit or raised overhead on a hydraulic automotive lift.

Custom Valves for Use inside the Engine

When you need a custom valve inside the engine of your vehicle, the engine may need to be taken apart before the valve can be replaced. It is similar to open heart surgery in humans; the engine is the heart of every vehicle, but there are times when the valves get jammed up so they need to be repaired or replaced. A custom valve that helps to widen the passage within the engine that is blocked up or improperly designed may help increase the engine's efficiency by making it easier for fuel, oil or coolant to flow through the engine without getting blocked, stuck or choked off. Contact a company like Diesel Tech Truck Repair Ltd for more information about custom valves.