Slow Engine Turn Over In A Car: What You Should Know

Does it take a while for the engine to turn over when you turn the key in the ignition? The problem can be directly related to the engine itself, but it can also be signs of a deeper problem: your starter motor needs serious repairs. Find out in this article what causes an engine to not turn over efficiently, as well as what a starter motor costs to repair if it is needed.

What Can Cause a Slow Engine Turn Over in a Car?

One of the things that can have an effect on your engine turning over is the fuel injector. It is vital for the fuel injector to be functional because it is the main part that is used for powering up the engine. Basically, the injector is what sends fuel to the engine so your car will work. The injector may not function as it should if it is dirty. You must also keep in mind that a dirty fuel injector can lead to contaminated fuel, which can also cause a slow engine turn over.

Another part that can interfere with the engine turnover speed is the starter motor. It is possible that the wiring connected to the starter is damaged and preventing it from working. If the starter has a wiring problem, it makes it difficult for it to receive power from the battery through the solenoid. An auto parts professional, like Western Starter Ltd, may need to rewire the starter motor so it can help the engine turn over more efficiently.

It is also possible that the starter motor has simply become old and worn out. If you have had your car for a long time and never replaced the starter, it may be rusty and dirty. The best thing for you to do with an old starter is invest in a new one.

What Does it Cost to Replace the Starter Motor in a Car?  

The price for a new starter motor will depend on the type of car that it is being purchased for. You should expect to pay $100 at the minimum for a starter motor. However, the price can exceed $1,200 if you have a luxury vehicle. A mechanic is estimated to charge $50 or more per hour for installing the starter motor in your car. Take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as possible so he or she can fix the starter motor before the engine stops turning over altogether!