How To Find Used Auto Parts For Your Car

Buying new automobile parts can get very pricey. Replacing the transmission, engine, alternator, or even the starter is often quite expensive. If you need the replacement during a particularly tight financial period you might be looking at getting used parts. Used parts are a great alternative, especially if you have an older car that won't be on the road for much longer. No need to put brand new parts in a car if you can't maximize the use you'll get out of them, right? Read More 

First Time Homeowner? 4 Things You Should Never Do With Your Garage Door

Now that you own your first home, you have a whole list of home maintenance projects that you're responsible for. When you were renting, the home maintenance issues fell to the landlord. However, now that you're the homeowner, it all rests on your shoulders. If you haven't added garage door maintenance to your list of responsibilities, you need to do that right away. You might not realize this, but problems with your garage door are no laughing matter. Read More 

3 Important Steps When Using A Nitrous System In Your Vehicle

If you're looking for a performance upgrade for your car, nitrous oxide may be the perfect addition. It can give your car a boost in speed, unlike anything you've ever experienced. To get the most out of these nitrous systems, though, you need to take these steps.  Determine How Much NOS You Need For nitrous oxide to be the most effective, you need to select the right amount. This starts with assessing what type of engine you have. Read More