2 Sounds To Listen For When Trying To Determine If Your Car Needs A New Pump For Its Fuel Injection System

When your car depends on an electronic fuel injection system to deliver gas to the engine, the heart of that system is the fuel pump. It generates enough pressure within the closed system to pull fuel from the tank and send it to the injection nozzle that feeds the engine.

If the fuel pump starts to go bad, you will start to notice that your vehicle loses power and sputters from not getting enough gas. However, since these could also indicate an issue with other parts of the system, you can listen for a couple of sounds to help you when trying to determine whether your car's fuel pump is going bad and needs to be replaced.

1. Turn the Key in the Ignition to See If You Hear a Humming Noise Before Turning the Engine Over

When trying to determine whether or not your car's fuel pump is going bad, one sound you should listen for is a humming noise. When you first put your key into the ignition and turn it before the engine turns over, listen carefully to see if you hear the hum.

If the fuel pump is working properly, this humming noise should be heard, as it indicates that the part is powering up after receiving a charge from the battery. If the hum is absent or sounds weak, the fuel pump may be going bad.

2. Listen for a High-pitched Whine While the Engine Is Turning Over but Refuses to Start

After listening for the humming noise, another sound to listen for is a high-pitched whine that can be heard while the engine is turning over but refuses to start up right away. Unlike the humming sound, you do not want to hear the high-pitched whine, as it means the pump is struggling.

Because the pump is failing, it will strain as it tries to pull gas through the injection system. Because it is not able to deliver the amount needed to start the car, your car will continue to turn over without starting until it receives the gas it needs. Eventually, your car will not start if the fuel pump becomes too weak or fails completely.

Before starting your car, you want to hear a humming noise that indicates the pump for the fuel injection system is working properly. However, if you do not hear this sound but hear a high-pitched sound while the engine refuses to turn over and start, the part is malfunctioning and will need to be replaced. For help selecting the right one for your vehicle's particular make, model, and engine, speak with a representative at an auto parts store that sells fuel injection system parts.