Is A 4-Link Suspension The Right Choice For You?

If you're in the market for a new suspension, you may be looking through the available options and trying to decide which one is the best solution for your situation. One of the most popular solutions for many people who are looking for a new suspension is the 4-link suspension structure. Before you can adequately determine if it's the right choice for your car, there are some things that you need to know. Here are a few key tips to help you decide if a 4-link suspension is right for you. 

Are You Dealing With Wheel Hop?

If you're looking for a new suspension for a performance car, you may have decided to upgrade because you're struggling with wheel hop issues. If this is the case, a 4-link suspension could solve your problems. The structure of this suspension improves your rear traction, which will help you improve your time off the line and reduce the hop that could be costing you valuable seconds.

Have You Had Lateral Movement Issues?

If your existing suspension allows your rear axle to shift side to side at all, that can be problematic for your handling and control. A 4-link suspension is structured with the upper arms positioned so that the rear axle loses any lateral movement, so you eliminate this problem with the upgrade.

Are You Working On An Off-Road Truck?

If the suspension you're looking for is for an off-road truck, ground clearance and articulation are critical for safety on the trail. That's why many off-road enthusiasts opt for a 4-link suspension. The system attaches to the axle and the center of the truck, allowing for a greater range of motion, full articulation, and better ground clearance because the suspension components are tucked above the frame rail.

Is Adjustment Important To You?

No matter what type of vehicle you're installing the new suspension in, sometimes having the ability to adjust the suspension angles, distance, and ride height can be beneficial. With a traditional suspension system, you don't have a lot of flexibility to do that. If you install a 4-link system, you can. There are adjustment points on the control arms and you'll have multiple shock mounting points to adjust the stance of your ride any time you want.

These are just a few of the many reasons why 4-link suspension is a great choice when you're ready to make the leap into upgrades. Talk with an auto parts supplier, such as Rock Slayer Off Road Inc., to see what options there are for your vehicle.