3 Things You Can Do To Make The Vintage RV You Purchased More Comfortable

Your vintage RV is unique and valuable, but it likely doesn't come with all the features and comforts that newer RVs come with. Here are a few things you can do to make the vintage RV you bought a little more comfortable over all:

Invest in Some Power

To ensure that everyone in your party is comfortable while camping in your vintage RV, it's a good idea to invest in some power that can be utilized off the grid. The whole point of camping in an RV is to have access to some of the comforts as home.

You should be able to easily see at night with the help of lights, and you should be able to power your laptops, phones, and other electronics that might be on board. Power may be needed to make your stove, oven, and water pump work too. So purchase a small generator and gas can to take along on your camping trips.

You can hook a couple of extension cords up to the generator and bring one cord inside the RV so you have power both outdoors and in. You should also consider installing a couple of solar panels on the roof of your RV to access silent power at night and during times when you don't want to hear the generator run.

Incorporate New Lighting

Your vintage RV likely doesn't feature much lighting, so you should spend a night in the rig while it's parked in your driveway before your first camping trip to determine how much extra lighting needs to be added for convenience and comfort. If you just want to illuminate the interior and exterior spaces enough to see while moving around at night, you can simply install a couple strings of fairy lights along the walls inside and out.

To allow for activities like cooking and reading at night, you can install a solar powered spotlight on the outside of the RV and a couple of hanging solar lights on the inside. Put one right above the bed and another in the dining area. You should still be able to play cards, enjoy a meal, and clean up when the sun goes down.

Install an Air Conditioner

It can get hot inside an RV while camping during the summer. When you want to cool off after a long hike or take a nap before dinner, you should be able to head inside your RV and enjoy comfortable temperatures that aren't afforded outside. You can easily keep your vintage RV cool inside by installing a mountable air conditioner.

Once installed on the RV roof, you can plug the air conditioner in to your generator to make it run all day long if you want to. Every time you step inside your RV, you'll be as cool and comfortable as you would if you were spending time at home. Brands like Coleman Mach 15 offer AC units that are specially designed to run efficiently and quietly in tight RV quarters.