Is Changing Your Own Brake Pads A Good Idea?

Auto repairs can eat away at your wallet. Some car owners try to avoid this by doing some repairs themselves. Unfortunately, inexperience and the wrong materials could result in the repair causing more harm than good. One of the most commonly performed repairs by amateurs is a brake pad replacement. Whether or not changing the pads yourself is a good idea is debatable. If you are thinking of doing so, here is what you need to know.  

Should You Change Your Brake Pads Yourself? 

Your brake pads are an integral part of your car's braking system. The pads create the friction that is needed to help slow or stop your car. When the pads are in need of replacement, you will notice the car does not slow or stop in the same manner. It can take longer, which could mean sliding a few feet beyond your intended braking point.  

Therefore, replacing the pads is important. If you elect to change the pads yourself, you have greater control over which pads are used on your car. You also can save on the costs associated with paying for a brake repair.  

However, there are a few drawbacks to changing your brakes yourself. Due to the major role that the pads play in stopping your vehicle, if they are not reinstalled correctly, there could be problems with braking. This could result in a car accident.  

If the brake pads are not correctly installed, there is also the added expense of having to pay to have them reinstalled. When the brakes pads are not functioning properly, it causes stress on other parts of the system. You could easily go from a repair that is relatively inexpensive to spending hundreds of dollars.  

What Mistakes Should You Avoid? 

If you are committed to changing your brake pads, there are some mistakes you should be avoid. One of the most commonly made is forgetting to clean the brake slides. The slides can build up with grime and moisture over time, which can lead to rust developing. If the slides are rusty, it can impact the effectiveness of your braking system.  

You also need to avoid installing the brake pads backwards. If the brake pads are not installed in the correct position, you can still experience problems, such as squealing, grinding, and difficulty with stopping your car.  

Before making your final decision, consult with your auto mechanic to learn more about changing your brake pads. Click to find out more.