3 Options For Getting Rid Of Old Catalytic Converters

If you have been working on old cars and have a few old catalytic converters on hand, you might be wondering about the best way to get rid of them. There are actually a few different ways of doing so; these are three different options that you can look into.

1. Sell Them Used

Someone in your area could be looking for a catalytic converter for a car that they are working on, or they might be looking to gather up a bunch of parts to sell for scrap. Either way, you might find that if you advertise your old catalytic converters for sale in your local classifieds that you might get some interested phone calls. If you aren't looking to make a profit and just want to get rid of them, you might find that you will get rid of them even faster if you advertise that you will give them away for free to anyone who comes and picks them up.

2. Sell Them to a Recycling Company

Did you know that you can actually pick up a nice little bit of cash for selling old catalytic converters to recycling companies? Not only can this help you get some cash, but it's also an ecologically responsible way of getting rid of old car parts rather than just tossing them in the dumpster. Contact a few local recycling companies to find out more about which ones accept old car parts and to get an idea of how much they pay; in many cases, recycling companies pay based off of weight.

3. Take Them to an Auto Parts Store

If you have a local auto parts store, you might be able to take in your old catalytic converters to drop them off to be disposed of. Since your average auto parts store generally has tons of parts and things that it has to get rid of, many of them already have companies that they work with for the disposal of these things. Depending on the store, you may or may not be charged for dropping off old parts like catalytic converters.

As you can see, if you have old catalytic converters that you need to get rid of, you shouldn't have a hard time getting rid of them. You actually have a few different options that you can try if you need to dispose of catalytic converters, so try one of these three options to get them off of your hands.